Thermal Spray

Hunter Chemical manufactures Anilox-grade Chrome Oxide in four standard particle size ranges, with the highest standards in the industry for particle morphology, purity, and lowest available hexavalent chromium content:


HC15 10–25 μm
HC18 15–30 μm
HC20 20–45 μm
HC38/74 30–60 μm
HC386 Chrome Oxide/Silica/Titania Compound, 2075 μm
HC386-T Chrome Oxide/Silica/Titania Compound, 1560 μm
HC424 Chrome Oxide/Silica/Titania Compound, 40100 μm

Hunter Chemical also manufactures Chrome Oxide/Silica/Titania composite powders, HCR-90 Chrome Oxide Rods (for pump and shaft applications requiring enhanced mechanical properties), and other thermal spray materials.

  • Alumina Titania
  • Chrome Oxide
  • Chrome Oxide Rods
  • Nickel-Chrome Metal Powder
  • Titanium Dioxide

For additional information about Hunter Chemical’s OH series Nickel Powders for thermal spray applications click here.

Hunter Chemical’s Chrome Oxide demonstrates utmost reliability, which is why it is used in the Mars Rover Program.


Chrome Oxide RodsHunter Chemical’s Chrome Oxide Rods are a great value and suited for pump and shaft applications.


Chrome Oxide HC20 is part of a full line of pure Chrome Oxide and composite powders.

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